Web Testing with Selenium: Labs

Lab - 1

A Demo of Selenium: Lab-1.pdf.

The source code for the Google Server Selenium test: lab-1.zip (This contains two Eclipse projects)

Lab - 2

Learning the Web Application: Lab-2.pdf.

The source code for the Java Web Application: WebAppl.zip (This contains Eclipse projects to recreate the Web Application)

Lab - 3

Working with the Selenium IDE: Lab-3.pdf.

The resulting JSON Selenium IDE project file: CustomerTest.side

Lab - 4

Converting the Selenium IDE Tests to Java WebDriver Tests: Lab-4.pdf.

The resulting Lab 4 Project: lab-4.zip

Lab - 5

Working with the Selenium WebDriver: Lab-5.pdf.

The resulting Lab 5 Project: lab-5.zip

Lab - 6

Working with a Shared Utility Project: Lab-6.pdf.

The resulting Lab 6 Project: lab-6.zip

Lab - 7

The Selenium Page Object Model: Lab-7.pdf.

The resulting Lab 7 Project: lab-7.zip

Lab - 8

Working with Windows, Tabs and Tables: Lab-8.pdf.

The resulting Lab 8 Project: lab-8.zip

Lab - 9

Reviewing the BIG Picture: Lab-9.pdf.

The resulting Lab 9 Project: lab-9.zip