Learning Python: Assignments

Assignment - 1

Practicing basic Python data types, and functions: Assignment1.txt.
The example solution: GreetingExample.py.

Assignment - 2

Using Flow Control: Assignment2.txt.
The example solution(s):

Assignment - 3

List and Tuples: Assignment3.txt.
The example solution: CardExample.py.

Assignment - 4

File I/O and Dictionaries: Assignment4.txt.
The data files for this assignment are Humor.zip.
The example solution: HumorExample.py.

Assignment - 5

Custom Sort function: Assignment5.txt.
The data file for this assignment is country-and-continent.csv.
The example solution: CountrySortExample.py.

Assignment - 6

Adding a 3rd party module to the Standard Library: Assignment6.txt.
The example solution: TimezonesExample.py.